Ngaire Art in Isolation_Speaking in ColourHidden strength and the power within have provided inspiration for a unique piece of Aboriginal artwork to be featured on the t-shirts for the 2023 Speaking in Colour Women’s Pro. 

In unveiling the artwork today, Founder and Managing Director Cherie Johnson says Speaking in Colour were thrilled to be selected as naming rights sponsor and jumped at the opportunity to design a custom artwork to be featured throughout the event.

“Surfing has such a strong connection to Country and this connection is reflected in the artwork with all the elements that make up the seaside represented. The artwork is inspired by the strength and power of the waves and the women competing in the event”.

“Speaking in Colour and the 2023 Surfest Women’s Pro is a perfect match. Our purpose is to make a difference in the delivery of Aboriginal education, in the spirit of reconciliation.”

“Working with Surfest provides us with an outstanding opportunity to talk to a whole new group of people that probably don’t even know that we exist, let alone know about the work we do.”

Being the naming rights sponsor in 2023 is especially significant, given this is the year Australians will have their say in a referendum to include an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament in the constitution.

“We hope to use this opportunity to encourage community, business and government to expand their knowledge and embrace Aboriginal culture.”

Surfest organiser Warren Smith can’t wait to have the Speaking in Colour designs come to life in 2023.

“We’re incredibly proud of Surfest’s connection and support of the indigenous community, we haven’t had a 100% Aboriginal owned business as the major sponsor of the Women’s Pro before and to have these designs incorporated into the event will be a great addition.”

Artist statement – Ngaire Pakai

It is the water that connects us.

The gentle ebb and flow of currents swirling through the rock pools, millennia in motion, belies the hidden strength and power within. Twinkling periwinkles edge the darkness while pippies dot the bright white sand of the shore.

The vibration of wind and wave carving indelible twists and turns across the rocks laying timeless on Country.

We celebrate women, sublime in their strength, agility, skill and determination at one with the water and at one with the waves.

Safe inside of a rockpool our sea life thrives, just as our women and youth do in Surfest, who champions the young, celebrates the elite and ensures parity is valued by all.

About Speaking in Colour

Speaking in Colour is a leading provider of training, cultural experience and education resources based on Awabakal Country.

The Speaking in Colour team will be on hand through the event providing a range of cultural experiences and showcasing locally made woven products.